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An Engaging Writer and Speaker


When conveying technical information, accuracy is important, but I also strive to deliver information in a way that will engage old salts and invite newcomers. Here are a few writing samples:

"Further Reading" (instructional)

"Tenderly Dinghy" (design review)

"Quickloader" (product review)

When speaking, hosting, and writing, I seek to delight audiences with humor and to make sure they feel like their time was well spent by offering practical takeaways and stories that universally resonate. I'm candid and humble; I make guests shine and give sponsors a reason to come back with their financial support again and again. Whether in person or online, I'm a warm and friendly presenter your audiences will remember.

Organizing events is another speciality—from my experience in all types of media, both online and in print, I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve that ensure audiences are excited by invitations and that they follow up with their time and attention. Read here about Arabella's launch in Mattapoisett, which saw about 1,500 in attendance.

I'm particularly proud to have hosted an online panel discussion with Tracy Edwards, MBE and s/v MAIDEN crew in an effort to raise funds for girls' education programs. I have events on the calendar for storytelling and hosting with the National Women's Sailing Association's She Sailor Sea Stories.

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