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Show, don't tell.


The principle is easy, in theory. Your work speaks volumes, and is more adeptly communicated in storytelling form. You need an editor, writer, videographer, and branding expert to pull all of it together into a narrative that followers can draw inspiration from so they will buy, give, or invest in your project. 

With my experience in waterfront and technical storytelling, your work will shine. Perhaps talking about a process or showing historical images of a vessel, shop, employee, or expert is just the thing to showcase your endeavors. 

Then, distributing the content and analyzing the analytics and audience behavior in reaction to that content creation is the next step to success. Know what works; do more of it. Engaging local media and other movers and shakers to share it along is my speciality. I've been a part of the boating community as a member of the press and as a full-time cruiser, and I can use my connections to your advantage.

I will find the voice, the strength, and the beauty of your crew and give your curious audience the front row view they crave.

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